Twitter do's and don'ts for law enforcement actions - a work in progress

I'm going to start a new list, and if I can find better information from reputable sources it may turn into a page. I'm not putting it here for the public, but as a way to compile info. If it becomes large I may turn it into a page:

Twitter Media Reminders - never disclose location of person sheltered in place. Do not air or tweet law enforcement maneuvers.

Do no harm! RT @HumanityRoad Verify twice tweet once - misinformation and rumors put lives at risk #NavyYardShooting #hmrd ^BT

Remember, unconfirmed reports" means "this could be bullshit."

This is more about disasters but it works in other contexts.
RT @HumanityRoad: In a disaster let your emergency contacts know you are ok - send a brief text message "IMOK" after danger passes #hmrd